Quick Chef Deli Associate / Cook (PT) – R.L. Vallee, Inc. | RL Vallee – Champlain, NY

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Position Description

Your duties will include but are not limited to preparation of cold well grab and go food items, hot plate grab and go items as well as preparing a wide variety of foods for customer orders all while following food safety procedures. Maintaining a clean work environment will include washing dishes, cleaning of both equipment and surfaces, receiving food delivery orders as well as stocking and rotating while putting the orders away.

Core Responsibilities and sample of tasks:


Exercise food safety while serving grab and go foods to the hot plate and cold wells. Prepare fresh hot/cold food all day for customers while following health and safety policies. Must be able to document food waste and temperatures. Be a team player with coworkers to get the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Tasks and responsibilities*

Sustain prepped grab and go throughout the day on both the hot plate and the sandwich well.

  • Cutting/slicing vegetables when needed

Understands importance of temperature checks every 4 hours and document properly for state requirements.

Demonstrates teamwork and excellent customer service skills.

Understand that prep work is never done and there is always something to do.

Conforms to the Company Handbook as well as Food Safety Standards

Maintains a clean work environment throughout the work day using standard cleaning procedures.

Leaves the kitchen as clean as possible for following shift.

Store and keep track of food rotation/storage to prevent spoilage daily

Prepare customer orders correctly via proper food prep procedures

  • Remove garbage and cardboard before end of shift

Brand: R.L. Vallee, Inc.
Address: 71 West Service Road Champlain, NY – 12919
Property Description: 0067 – Champlain Truck Stop
Property Number: 0067

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